VEHICLE Aircon Specialist

Ethicarz offer the best car air-con service and air-con repair at the best prices in Singapore.

When temperatures rises, a properly working air conditioner is vital to keeping your car comfortable.

We recommend that your car should have a car air conditioning service every two years, which includes evacuating the refrigerant gas and replacing the lubricating oil, as well as carrying out a system leak test.

Over time the air-con fittings will become loose, O-rings, hoses, seals wear out and etc. Our mechanics will examine your car's air-con system to see if there is a leak – and if there is, they'll stop it in their tracks before it can affect anything else.



Electrical systems are more complicated than ever, but they’re more reliable too, and easier to diagnose and repair with the proper equipment. The electrical system is fundamental to a vehicle's operation and gives power to an array of parts including the alternator, starter, and battery.

Your vehicle is controlled by a complex network of wires, sensors, and computers working together. If communication along these wires is interrupted, it could have major consequences for several components of your vehicle.

At Ethicarz, we have a full line of manufacturer-certified diagnostic tools. Our technicians know your car’s electrical components and can diagnose problems quickly and effectively. We’re ready to assess your vehicle and get you back on the road as safely, and affordable as possible.