Car Spraying & Paintwork

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Sedan (Small)

SGD 2,100

Sedan (Small)

SGD 1,200

MPV/SUV/Luxury (Big)

SGD 3,000

MPV/SUV/Luxury (Big)

SGD 1,700

(Replacement vehicle will be provided for the period)

Ethicarz offers car spray painting services for all types of vehicles. We repair all car paintwork problems, from scratches, bumps to re-spraying of whole car & vehicles. We are also experienced in car spray paint for accident vehicles.

Before spray painting start, our experienced team will carefully prepare the vehicle exterior surface and go through the procedure of sanding, putty, primer coating all the way to final coating.

After that, your vehicle will be ready for spray painting. Our spray booth oven provides a dust free environment and assist in the drying for a greater refinement of the paint and colour of vehicles. With our latest spray painting technology, we deliver more uniform paint work, longer-lasting shine and more durable lacquer.

Our professional car groomer will do polishing to bring back the vehicles shine and ensure a smooth surface finish.